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How Our Watch Faces Change Before Your Eyes

by Timothy Bailey on September 02, 2020

Remember those eye-catching postcards you’d see as a kid, the ones where the image flips between different scenes depending on the angle you look at it?

That fun effect is created by a special printing process called “lenticular”, and there’s a reason it stands out so much in your mind. Our eyes are naturally more attracted to non-static, changing images with depth that mimic the moving, 3D world we live in.

In fact, studies show that you notice lenticular print four times more and engage with it 13 times more than with traditional print!

So how does lenticular printing work?

Lenticular printing was invented in 1912 in the beautiful country of Switzerland. The word “lenticular” refers to the word “lens”, because the illusion requires a lens to make it work.

The process starts by cutting two different images into strips.

These strips are then interlaced: the strips from the first image alternate with the strips from the second image, creating a nearly unrecognizable new image, but not for long!
Next, a layer of curved lenses is placed on top of the image, which refracts (or bends) the light that hits your eyes. So when you look at the image from the left, you see one image, and when you look from the right, you see the other image.
It’s a complicated process, but it creates an incredibly satisfying result!

Why Lenticular Belongs on YOU

Wearing lenticular print is not for people who want to blend in.
We utilize lenticular printing in our watches because we want to offer you a way to express yourself as someone who is truly unique. You deserve to shine and turn heads. And now if anyone asks how it works, you can teach them, making you cool AND smart! You’re the full package 😉


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