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Every Watch Has A Story

by Timothy Bailey on September 02, 2020
As you may already know, each one of our watch names is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forward and backward (e.g. Too Hot To Hoot and Yo Banana Boy), but it doesn’t end there. We’ve given each watch an irreverent story and colorful illustration to tie it all together. Below are all of our goofy stories and pictures. Check ‘em out for yourself! Maybe it’ll help you choose your next watch ;)


Lion Oil

A domesticated kitty without a mane or roar
Was brought up in the city, but dreamed of something more:
To roam the great savannah, not play with yarn and twine
The suburbs of Atlanta were no place for this feline
For when he spotted a mouse, he’d pounce and catch his prey
He called himself King of the House; it’d be King of the Jungle one day
And before he ate that mouse or rat, confidently he’d proclaim,
“I may look like a feeble cat, but lion oil runs through my veins!”

Too Hot To Hoot 

Two owls, Tom and Todd, were perched high
On a tree of fruit
They noticed a lady owl soar by
And boy, was she cute
Tom says to Todd, “She’s so fly
Really such a beaut
Why don’t you go and holler ‘hi’
Shooters gotta shoot”
Todd looks at Tom right in the eye
And says, “Don’t be a brute
For I am not that kind of guy
And she’s too hot to hoot”


Avid Diva

She opened her eyes, recalled last night’s dream
Same one as always, her name on the screen
Years of gruesome training, singing until hoarse
Was all for tonight  - she was nervous of course
She did her vocal warmups, wore her fanciest dress
She was an avid diva, she’d do anything for success
This was it - her chance to be a shining star
Boldly, she took stage at her local karaoke bar

Won’t Lovers Revolt Now

Affection has come to a halt; call it emotional assault
The time has come for our feelings to be unfurled
We long for a resurgence of devotion, to be thrown head over heels into the ocean
I demand a strike by sweethearts ‘round the world
So won’t lovers revolt now! There is no why, no where or how
This is not brain surgery, it’s an art
For flowers die, the sun will set, but love’s a song, an eternal duet
This message brought to you by the heart

Pool Loop 

You’re in the pool, the sky is blue, and the sun is out to play
You feel relaxed and carefree; could there be a more perfect day?
All seems right in this world, when suddenly pressure builds below
You squeem and squirm, try to play it cool, but you’ve really gotta go
So you scan the others, peep the lifeguard, no one is gonna see
You maintain your posture and a straight face as you begin to pee
So you breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, doggy to escape your warm puddle
If you’re not seen at the scene of the yellow crime, you won’t get in trouble
This tinkle and run method is a classic, and it is called the Pool Loop
And please don’t say you’ve never done it, you know you’re part of the group
So You look to see if you’re successful, or has your plan gone south?
As you see your friend Sally in that same spot, spitting water from her mouth

Mirror Rim

Sometimes you need a secret code to ensure your message stays hidden
Consider it a private road to communicate what’s forbidden
 If you recall, when you were nine, you left your future self a clue
The day has come for you to find that message written just for you
So grab a shovel and prepare to dig; your time capsule awaits underground
Like striking gold with a drilling rig; this treasure’s valuable once it’s found
Inside you find your handwritten note: “To crack this code, use a Mirror Rim”
On the other side, your past self wrote: “Remember to play every day so life’s never grim”

Yo Banana Boy

Yo, Banana Boy, won’t you tell me what’s peelin’?
I got that fruity flow that is oh so appealin’
My name is Guava Girl, and I’ve come here to decree
That your rap game is lower than your amount of Vitamin C
I’m sticky and sweet, so watch where you tread
My bars will make you overripe, best for banana bread
Spit against me and you’ll soon see your demise
Nah, you don’t stand a chance, call in the fruit flies!
So what’s that they say, is that a banana in your pants?
Or are they just excited to see that the banana don’t stand a chance
I’m Banana Boy, and I’ll leave you in the pit
My juicy rhymes will ruin you, call it the banana split
Guava thinks she’ll defeat me, but have some common sense
She must be getting high on those antioxidants
My delicious taste and rap game, there is no substitute
It’s too easy battling you, Guava Girl, you’re the lowest hanging fruit
The other fruit won’t rap with me, they say I’m harassing ‘em
They simply can’t handle my levels of potassium
So go and run along now, Guava, cuz you got nothin’ to gain
I’m the big Banana Boy, and you’re just a little plantain

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