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Colors Help You Express Yourself - Here's How!

by Timothy Bailey on September 02, 2020

Why is it that humans can see color while most other animals are color blind?

Scientists believe that through evolution and natural selection, humans' developed the ability to see color to determine what is edible and what is not.

It’s only right that we utilize this amazing skill and fill our world with as many colors as possible! But it’s important to understand how colors can affect behavior, emotions, state of mind, and even how hungry we are!

Every color communicates something about the person or object wearing that color

Sometimes these messages are good, and sometimes not so much. We dug deeper into the psychology of colors to help you know which colors to wear and when.
We hear all the time that red can be seen as a winning, attractive color, but is there actually any proof? Yes! A study of almost 60 years of results proved that soccer teams that wear red shirts win more matches. Also interestingly, if you eat off of a red plate, you will eat more on average.
The effect of blue is also interesting. Growing up, blue skies mean playing outside and fun. And historically it means no storms, which is good for crops. Blue gives us security and dependability. In fact, in the workplace, workers in a blue office will make 20% less errors than those in a white office. 
Amazingly, a 1974 behavioral experiment proved that colors even affect our heart rate and blood pressure. Here's a list of attitudes associated with the most common colors we see:

So now you know what colors can communicate; it’s important to know when to wear these colors depending on the situation, too!


Best Colors to Wear at the Office

Green - Portrays freshness and harmony and is associated with money and “GO”. These are all great characteristics for the workplace.
Blue - As discussed above, this is a calming and intellectual color that portrays stability.

Best Colors to Wear as Accents

Orange - This color promotes stimulation and enthusiasm. It is not as aggressive as red but is still attention grabbing.
Purple - Purple gives off the perception of high value; however, it is a color that rarely occurs in nature, and thus it can be seen as artificial.
White - White portrays cleanliness and perfection. But too much can show timidity.

Best Color to Make Your Desktop Photo

Green - Green is restful on your eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain. It is shown to greatly affect your productivity.

Best Color to Exercise in

Orange - Research has found that orange increases oxygen to the brain and stimulates brain activity

Best Color to Wear On a Date (if you’re a woman)

Red is the color of passion and confidence, and thus is the best color for a woman to wear on a first-date

Best Color to Wear On a Date (if you’re a man)

Blue - The color of stability, blue relaxes women and hints that a man is safe and secure.

Best Color to Wear if You Want to be Seen as Strong

Black - Statistics from over 52,000 National Hockey League games found that players were given more aggression penalties when wearing black jerseys. If you want to be seen as professional, powerful, and aggressive, black may be for you!

Worst Color to Wear to Work

Gray - Gray is passive and low energy; not something you want to give off at work.

Looking for a colored accessory to help communicate yourself to the world? Here’s our color guide to help you pick out the perfect Turnt watch!

Red - Too Hot To Hoot, Won’t Lovers Revolt Now, or Lion Oil
Orange - Lion Oil
Blue - Pool Loop or Avid Diva
Yellow - Yo Banana Boy, Lion Oil, or Avid Diva
Purple / Pink - Avid Diva
Black - Mirror Rim
White - Mirror Rim or Avid Diva


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